Audrina Partridge Showing Off Her Panties Getting Out of a Car of the Day

Whenever I see these panty upskirt shots of girls getting out of a car, I am reminded of a better time, where I’d spend my days hanging out at the bottom of the escalators at the mall in hopes of looking up a girls skirt, now I only do that on weekends. I find that whole unsuspecting thing where a girl has no idea she’s showing off her underwear, but I totally know that I am looking at her underwear that may only last for a couple of seconds, but stamps my brain with memories for at least a couple of weeks. It gets really exciting when the girl isn’t wearing underwear and I see her lady parts that I am sure she had no intention of showing me, but destiny and my crafty positioning brought us together.

I realized that I am a pervert today because I was standing outside smoking a cigar and some girl in a short skirt walked out of the building I was next too. She was looking for a taxi or was waiting to cross the street or some shit I didn’t bother paying attention to because a gust of wind blew her skirt up showing me her thonged ass. I was considering walking away prior to this happening, but the second I got a first glimpse of ass cheek, I was hooked and I made it my duty to wait it out to see if it would happen again. It didn’t. I just got busted by her boyfriend and had to pretend that I was staring at her short skirt covered ass for a reason other than it being a good way to pass the time.

Either way, here’s Audrina Partridge from The Hills getting out of a car and showing us a little panty that was captured on camera so that split second can last us as long as we want it to.

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